Sketchup copying model between sketchup files

Hi guys

I have an issue where i am trying to copy items such as sofas betweeen sketchup instances (ie from one sketchup file to another sketchup file) and its taking like 2 - 3 minutes? I would consider my PC high end and i dont know if this is hwo it is or if something is wrong?

PC specs -
Ryzen 3970x
GTX 2080 Gfx card
256 Gig Ram

any help or advice would be great

Firstly, how are you doing the copying?

Secondly, what size is the component?

If your sofa is a component, have you tried uploading it to an appropriate folder so that you can just retrieve it from a different drawing? You might have to reload SU for it to show up though.

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Please correct the topic title. You are asking about copying components between SketchUp files not between scenes.


Thanks for getting back to me. The file is around 10mb. Also I am copying it by ctrl c and going to another opened instance of sketchup and pressing ctrl v.

Uploading it to the components sounds like a great idea I’ll try that thanks

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Very technical there John. Stay safe :facepunch:

I editted scenes into files in the topic.
@john_mcclenahan is right, be specific when you are asking for help!

Size is probably the issue.

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i tired adding it to the component library and still no good - takes a few minutes to import - any idea how to adjust this clipboard size limit? I dont think its that as even if i just import it via file>import it still takes a while…

It may be begging the question but why would you use a 10Mb component? Unless you have almost nothing else in your drawing, it is asking for trouble.

There are a lot of posts on this forum about the wisdom of editing downloaded components before using them and one part of that is making them less heavy.

im doing an animation in sketchup using decent quality models thats why they are a little larger - but i am optimising them using TRANSMUTR

I know nothing about Transmutr but if they still end up at 10Mb after “optimising” them, I wouldn’t be too happy!

If you were doing an animation in a photorealistic render program, I could just about see the point. But in a SU animation, I really doubt you would notice the difference between the model you have and one that has been simplified using standard SU methods. But then, I haven’t seen your sofa. Is it the star of the show?

This topic peaked my curiosity so did a quick test. Downloaded a “stupid” high poly tree.of mine. 33 mb file size. It usually takes a minute or so to download into a new file. Copy and paste in Place to another SU file only took a couple of seconds. Will say I’m on an older iMac. Wonder if it’s a “Windows thing”.;
Curious what a guru might have to say about what’s going on “under the hood” when copy pasting between SU files ?

Another thought… are you rendering your animations. If so does your render software allow you to use a simplified “proxy” in the model and link it to the higher poly version ? If so that might be worth trying.