"Save as local collection" doesn't keep the component name

Hi, I have several problems related to saving a component collection to a folder.

First problem is : When I go in the component tray look at the component list inside the current model, save the collection locally to a folder on my computer, the file name doesn’t fit the component name. Somehow I feel like it keeps the name the component was created with and not the current one, is that possible? If yes, how can I fix this?

Second problem : Once saved, the collection also includes components that are NOT listed in the component list in sketchup, even after refreshing the component list inside sketchup, these components are just not there. How is that possible?

Let me know if I need to describe my issues in more depth, thanks for helping,


  1. The filename and component name are two separate things and neither the API (nor application) states any “contract” that they will be identical. (ie, it is probable that the filename will be a terse name, while the “name” property will be more descriptive and verbose.)
    Within the definition there are two properties “path” and “name”. The “path” is the filepath it was loaded from. (This may be used to extract the basename used in the save collection operation, as you surmise.)

  2. There are 3 kinds of component definitions. Normal, Group and Image. The latter 2 are by design hidden from the “In Model” components collection because they are expected to not be inserted alone as parent components (at least not in the drag and drop library component kind of workflow.)

Thanks for your answers,

Can you please tell me if the name that is gonna be used as file name can be modified within sketchup? Or at which moment is it decided by sketchup, I feel like the name used for the file is the one that you created the component with, afterwards it cannot be changed within sketchup, am I getting this right?

Thanks for helping, Pascal.

Yes if you save a component definition singly you can rename the file in the Save As dialog.

(This means that you can save it under a different filename and / or path location if you like. You can also rename files with Windows File Explorer.)