Not saving unique components when creating a local collection



So I’ve been having this issue for a while now.
For example, if I make a door and call it “Door1” and then I make the door unique and modify it, and I call it “Door2”, when I go to create a local collection, it will ignore “Door2” and only export “Door1”. If I right click on “Door2” and click save as, it shows up as “Door1”.

Has anyone else had a similar issue before?


How are you saving to the collection? Dragging in the component inspector? I think right clicking and select Save As lets you select a new path to associate the component with.


Note that renaming your component instance will not rename the component definition (the name you use when saving to disk etc.)


Hi eneroth, I have tried two different ways. The first being by clicking the arrow of the component window and selecting “Save as a local collection”. When this method is used, it will save all the components in my model apart from any that have been made by becoming a unique version of another component.
The other method is by just selecting the component individually by right clicking and clicking “Save as”. This will also ignore the new component that has been made through the unique method and will save it as its original file.


Hi Anssi, thank you for your reply. I wish that was the issue here, but I have actually been renaming the definition not the component instance. Sketchup still won’t treat it as its own component and reads it as it’s “parent” which is was made unique from.