File name of a component

When I edit a component and do a “save as” to save it with a new distinct name apart from the existing name, the new component is saved to a local folder with the new name, all is good. But then when I open the component window, the names of these components are not the same as the names that I gave them, but rather a modification of the original name e.g. _____#1, _______#2 etc. Seems like modification names of the original component rather than totally new names that I gave it. I have attached two jpegs for reference. Anyone know how to resolve this?

Turns out, changing the components definitions name is not enough to change the original ID of the component.
You actually need to explode first and make a new component with the desired name…

That, to me, is a feature that should be looked at. Exploding a complex object just creates a lot more work. Just MHO

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Exploding is rarely a good idea as it moves the material from the instance onto the content, loses the axes and scaling and loses any custom attributes.

I’m not sure how this connects to the name though. Do you make the component unique before saving it or are the 3 components in your list supposed to be one and the same? making unique adds a counter at the component name. Saving out and setting a file name does, to my knowledge, no affect the component name.

I will try making it unique but I believe I’ve already tried that. I can however copy individual pieces of the component and fabricate a new and separate component with a new name that is

independent of the original component but have not been able to alter the original component and do a “save as” with out carrying over a variation of the original name.

I must be doing something differently than you are. I haven’t been able to reproduce the issue. Please describe step by step exactly what you do, starting with the moment you created the component.

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changing the definition name ‘first’, before the ‘Save As’ works for me…


Thanks John,

How do I change the definition name?

You change the name of a component definition either in Entity Info or the Components inspector.