Problems in correctly naming components


I’m having a problem saving the correct component names in the root folder of the sketchUP components.

I model the file and save it with the correct component name, I send this file to the root folder of the sketchUP components, however, when I open this file from the root folder, it appears with the name “untitled”, someone has Idea how to fix this?

Thank you


I think I understand that you are not saving the component itself, only the model?

Try selecting the component (highlight blue)
Right click>save as
Then give it the name you wish, and save to the component folder, or any folder of your choice.

Then from sketchup you should be able to locate it in the component browser window and drag it in to any model.


thats it, works…

tks very much !!


Very good.

When you save a component it can be any name by the way, it does not have to be the same as the definition name in the model.

Glad I helped.


Hi there, this is an commonly known issue , known as ‘a double wapped’ component. You model a component inside a ‘wrapper’ , eg the .SKP file in which you’re modeling . By moving this file inside the component ‘drawer’ , you actually placed a new ‘drawer’ , which contained the component , inside the ‘componentdrawer’ ! if you look at the outliner hierarchy you can see where your component is hiding. To avoid this , you should make a workfile in wich you model all components you need and give them the proper names etc. and then , in the component tray, select ‘in model’ ( litlle house- icon ) then click the little details icon in the components tray and select ‘Save as Collection’ This way , SketchUp will put the components bare naked in the component drawer.
You can add the ‘drawer’ or collection to your favorites for quick acces
Btw: best to purge model before save as collection