Component name issue

I downloaded a valve called “2” ball valve" from 3D warehouse. I exploded it, scaled it, and made it a new component and added it to my own components folder as “3 in Ball valve”.
When I open sketchup. (Pro 2015) and open the components window, it still says “2” ball valve". Not sure how to fix or change this.


What method do you use to put the “3 in Ball valve” into your components folder?

Did you launch a secondary component browser window and drag the “3 in Ball valve” into the folder?


Did you save the model and move it into the folder using the Mac Finder or Windows Explorer dialogs?


I created a component and called it “3” ball valve". Then saved the model as the same name. I did this for several pieces.
I put all the pieces in the same folder and placed the folder into my components folder in the program.

None of the other pieces had name issues, just this one so Im guessing it has something to do with the way the original creator named it?

If I may edit your description a bit for the sake of clarity.

What you’re doing is bound to cause unexpected results.
This is the correct way to save a component to your collection:
• Created the component and give it a name.
• Right context click on the component > Context Menu > Save As … the Save As dialog appears.
• Navigate to the desired directory > Save

Here’s what happens using Context Menu > Save As

When you save a component to a directory via Context Menu >Save As it creates a .skp model file.
However, SketchUp does a little magic trick in the process.
There’s a difference between a component .skp file created via Context Menu > Save As and a .skp model file created via File > Save

The difference is…
The .skp file created by Context Menu > Save As does not contain the component definition.
That’s because when it’s brought back into a model via the Components Browser the entire .skp file becomes a component definition (file name and all) and if there were a like named component in the file it would end up a redundant copy nested inside.

• Remove the model file you placed in the collection folder and place it elsewhere, say, the desktop.
• Open the file and confirm the component doesn’t have another component nested inside.
• Then save the component to the collect via Context Menu > Save As

Thanks, Geo.
I had a permissions issue when saving as you suggested but got it resolved. Works great!