Import Component - Labels as old/wrong name?

I have created a library of components in SU Pro that I have saved with relevant names.
Such as “1000mm 40mm White.skp”

As I wanted to shorten name I:-
1)Exploded the old component and Grouped it.
2) Created a new Component called “1000 40 W” and saved it with new name “1000 40 W.skp”.

When I open this file, the component is labelled correctly.
When I import this component in Sketchup it uses the previous name (Even into a new file with no other components in it)

Here is a screenshot of both instances
Component File
Component File
Component Imported into SU
Component File in new SU

What am I missing here??
1000 40 W.skp (37.1 KB)

You have created a nested component.
The old definition contains the “new” component.


Thanks for helping.
It works!!!

So I gather I just have to “Explode” the component when I first import it into my new model.

That’s a possibility.
But you can also save the “good” component in your library.

Select the component in the model or via the Outliner.
Then right-click on the component and click on ‘Save as…’ in the context menu.

That is what I did??

I saved the component into it’s own file using “Save as” 1000 40 B.skp
I then import the component from that file into a model from File/Import. (Same thing happens if I save in Library and select it)

In the file 1000 40 B.skp the component is as below (If I open that file)
Screenshot 2021-08-26 095934

When I import it into a new file eg Sketchup template Architectural it is shown as below.

Now your component has an extra nesting layer that you indicate to explode immediately when you apply it in a project.

Basically this shouldn’t be necessary if you just store the correct component correctly in your library

If you select the component you want to save in the library, right-click, and then Save As… from the context menu, you wouldn’t have an extra nesting layer. Unless you save a nested component of course.

Here’s an example of what my Outliner looks like when I import the saved component into a project.
For this example, I saved the component “1000 40 Wh” from my previous post.