My components are forgetting their names in sketchup pro 2017

I was hoping to get some help with my components library. My components were created in sketchup pro 2016 64 bit and worked perfectly. In version 2017 when I import them from my library into a new model the child components seem to forget their names…they appear to randomly take on the names of a previously imported component.

For example I have two components
The first component is:
with child components

The second component is:
with child components

IF I import CABA and then import CABZ, CABZ could look like the following in the Outliner:

Notice that CABZ’s child component is now STRETCHERA instead of STRETCHERZ.

The first component always imports correctly.
If I purge and import CABZ first then import CABA, CABA is affected.
Also it appears to only affect the child components…but not all of them.
I have reinstalled 2017 and restarted my computer to no avail.

Thank you for any input.
This is in windows10 pro

This is just something to try. Open each individual component and check the name in Model Info > File dialog. Make sure they are all different from one another, and correct any duplicates.

I did that with a couple of them and it made no difference. Also, I temporarily reinstalled sketchup pro 2016 and the same thing is happening now.

I am at a loss.

Are STRETCHERA and STRETCHERZ otherwise identical?

Yes, they appear to be identical.

I think I figured out what I have done. But I don’t understand why it used to work.
I will try to explain with an example

I made a component called
with child component

I saved that component with the name CABA
then I did CTRL+MOVE to make a copy.

I deleted CABA
and renamed the copy CABZ
and the child STRETCHERZ
and saved this component as CABZ

Unfortunately through this process I failed to make CABZ and STRETCHERZ unique.

So now if I import CABA and then CABZ it seems that CABZ will inherit CABA’s children.

I have a done couple of tests and this seems to be the case.
Live and Learn.