Component name changing name when imported

Hi all
I am new here!
I tried searching for this but i didnt seem to find this problem exactly.

I have been using sketchup for a 4-5 years but only recently started using components and dynamic components.
We design and built our own kitchens and wardrobes so i started making dynamic components for my cabinets. I designed a few and then i dublicate that file and make changes to it so i can make my collection.

I think i must be doing something wrong with the naming because when I import 2 DC into one file, one of the two starts acting weird. When i open that ones component attributes i see a lot of red #. The parameters in that one change to the parameters (or referring to) of a previous component and nothing works.

GolaTall1H.skp (73.2 KB)
GolaTall2H.skp (73.1 KB)


Components need to be made unique if you are reusing them for other purposes, this includes all their sub components, otherwise you will get cross talk and the first inserted one from a source will have preference.
It is recommend to use a common file to build the DCs in, so as to avoid having copied files that are altered in different ways and brought back to cause conflict.

You can use the generic “parent!” rather than “my_component_name!”, this is required if reusing a common DC
for example creating your carcass from a reusable panel and using the instance names to distinguish the parts
or inserting hardware that references its host for position or other attributes.


Hey, Thanks pcmoor

So let me see is i get this right.
I should make a new DC and make it using instances of one component?
Also I am not sure i understand what you mean with the “parent!” naming.
Is there somewhene anything that i can read upon?

Thanks again

If you wish to use sub components of your example without making the them unique for the second unit then use parent! in lieu of “GolaTall2H!”, this way both copies can reference different parent names.

The parent generic term.skp (114.2 KB)

(do one, then control C to copy “parent”, then double click the next “GolaTall2H” control V paste)

Thanks again pcmoor!

I get it now. I was working completely wrong. I was also trying to make like a “template” so i can built on to that.
I found this video on here which explains it. Eric at basecamp

Consider this approach,

Make a board HMR particle board with one ABS edge (typical), I choose a vertical standing board, painted internal edges with particle board, hid (can delete) the front edge surface, added a group for the strip, referenced its material to the parent (parent! is very important here as the board will change names with the instance changes)
Then arranged boards to create the shell (flip for right and opposites, this assures same internal surfaces for any special treatment, say a DC hole cutter for hinges, hardware etc…these save having to write code for each unit )

I then created a backing board of 3mm MDF to attache to rear, (a descale added, look up scaler in forum, the insert edge strip performs the same function in the particle board as well )

Now for any imported DC, when the instance name is changed the option and attribute headers will follow suit provided the “Name” attribute in the info section is not used (one can use a reference to _name instead) or the headers not manually altered.

So you can save a lot of repetitive work! that is reusing the same “basic” board and name the instances, just like on the factory floor, cut the sheet up, pencil the parts.

I did add a few attributes for a report, it is best to use custom attributes rather than the standard lenxyz discription, as this will report all the junk as well, whereas custom attributes can be specific to the report you require and the rest of the model attributes ignored

HMR 16mm ABS Melamine E1L.skp (26.5 KB)

MDF 3mm Melamine Backing.skp (73.3 KB)

carcass.skp (188.2 KB)

After importing the carcass, use the instance name for unit 1…N

Now if need to edit outside the file of the original then replace any reference to the parent with parent! like say I wanted to add a shelf in my carcass DC, my best option would be to work with the original carcass DC in my products file (if it was to be a variant, then I would make it unique and all its subs unique in the presence of that DC, this variant would then remain in my DC products file with the rest, a right saveas would then of it would be sent to the appropriate working folders) , the other option with using the generic parent! has the draw back of having then to type rather than clicking in, with no automatic updates when changing an attribute name…

Hey pcmoor, thanks a lot for all of this info!

It seems i have a lot of reading to do.
I will try a few things and will report back.

Thanks again