Component Saving

I have a 3/8" bearing that I drew. Then I right clicked and saved it as 3-8 Bearing. It is in a folder called 3D Components. Now I am working on the big file where I will use several of these bearings. But they don’t show up in my components list and I can’t navigate to the “Loaded From” place. I must not know how to properly save a component for later use. Browsing this forum I found several discussions on the subject, but none seem to cover my problem. One I thought was dead on, but the answer was “Open the Components browser.” The user replied “That’s great” or something like that. I open the Component window and the only thing there are the components within my drawing.

Before you save a Component, you should create a local collection to contain it and your other components. Click the icon at upper right in the components window that looks like a little menu with a right arrow and choose “create a new collection”. Choose a name and location for the collection on your computer. Then when you right-click Save As, make sure the save dialog targets that collection. Thereafter, if you open the components window and click the down arrow next to the house (in model) icon, you should see a list of collections and your local collection should be on that list. Select your collection and then you can pick a component and place instances in a model.

OK. I have it. My file had a different extension. It was an skb file. All I did was save it as… ANyway, the SKP file is in the folder now and shows up as expected.

Thanks to you. And thanks to this forum.

An skb is a backup file created when you open an skp file with SketchUp. It contains the file version from before you started to edit.