Components for future use

If i make a component and want to use it on another model later on, how and where do i store it for future use?

EDIT: Oops, @DaveR is completely right, if you are really on the Free web version the following advice does not apply. What’s your version?

Right click on the component and choose save as. Components save as stand alone .skp files. Make yourself a folder or set of organized folders on your hard drive for keeping components in. You can drag and drop them into new files or navigate to the folder you want via the components window by choosing “open local collection”. The latter method has the advantage of making all components in a folder easily accessible from within SketchUp.

What version of SketchUp are you using? SketchUp Free (web) or SketchUp 8? Your profile is confusing and what you want to do depends on which version you are really using.

SketchUo 8

Create a folder on your hard drive and label it components. Ideally this a folder that is inside a main folder containing all your standard. Eventually you’ll have many Sub folders containing different component types…windows, doors etc.

Right click on the component and select save. Then follow the path to your components folder and save.

When you want to access this component in the future, in the component tray, select the right facing arrow and select “open local folder” (doing this from memory so…). Then select your component folder and you’ll see your component ready to drop in your model.

Thank you Dave that works. I also found in SketchUp 8 under windows in the menu bar the components option contains the created components that are automatically listed upon being created and saved.

As your library gets larger, you’ll want to save them outside the program to keep your operating drive as free as possible.

Please correct your profile to clear up the confusion.

The In Model components will show new components upon creation however they will only be in that model and not in a collection for future use. In addition to the right click-Save as… option you can drag a component’s thumbnail from In Model to your local collection. I just needed to model a lift off hinge for a project so I might as well save it for future use.

If you have a bunch of related components in a model you could save them all into a Local Collection or you can create a new collection from the Details menu.
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I am using the downloaded version of SketchUp 8. NOT the web based version!
I thought I updated my account info a short time ago.

Apparently not completely.
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