Finding COMPONENTS saved files


Hi All

I have made a component and save it. I cant find it as saved anywhere. Its not saved as a skp file where everything else is (in my docs folder). Is there another file type and default locations for components?
I have highlighted the component and Ctrl C and Ctrl V to duplicate it, which is useful saving time and does the job for now.
But to pull out a previously made component from a saved list is what I cant find.

Any tips for this?



did you look in the ‘Components Browser’ inside SU?


Hi John
Theres a components browser?

Oh I found it…Great stuff.

Many thanks’



Be aware that there is a setting on Windows editions to set the default file location when saving component files.

It is on the Window > Preferences > Files dialog panel.


When you first create a component, it is saved inside the SketchUp file you are currently editing, and it is visible in the In Model tab (little house icon) of the Components browser. If you want to save it as a separate file, you can right-click on an instance and select “Save As…” from the contextual menu, and you will be prompted for a filename and a folder in the usual way.



Where is it saved in 2017 Make? I’ve tried to save several components, and there’s no sign of them anywhere, especially not in the “components” file location in “Window->Preferences->Files”. And when I try to context-click and “save as”, the component is deselected as soon as I right click.


Are you right clicking on the selected component?


Yes… I think so. on vs where else?


Anywhere else in the model space. When you right click on a component you should get a context menu with a number of different options to select from. Is it possible you’ve got the right mouse button assigned to something other than right click?


In SU2017 and higher there is now a user AppData path “Components” folder.

Paste into the file browser location on MS Windows …

%AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2017/SketchUp/Components

… and then hit Enter to navigate there.

Suggest you then make a desktop shortcut to this folder.


Dan, that’s a good idea. I’ve been navigating there in Explorer, and it gets a little old. Dave, I tried again in a blank workspace to be sure I was remembering correctly, and it worked as it should. If I figure out what I was doing wrong yesterday, I’ll let you know, but I’m pretty sure it had something to do with Sketchup not storing the component in the “components” preference location.


Another way to save components is to drag and drop in the Components panel. You might try that.

When you context click and choose Save as… you select the save to location. I save components to specific collections(folders) based on what they are so I can find them more easily.


What I actually have done is pin the folder path to my File Explorer taskbar icon and then it’s available via a context click on that icon. (Home > Pin to Quick Access. But you can also drag and drop folders onto the taskbar File Explorer icon.)