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Im struggling with a naming issue in SU. I have created a series of components to enable me to design some kitchen units. I want to use these units as base components and then adapt and amend them to make other components with different characteristics and different names (definitions).

I started with one SU File where I made my base components and then saved as a library. I then renamed the parts in the SU file and made various changes to them (size alterations) and went to save a new library in a new location but have noticed that while the name of the component in the component browser shows my new name the name of the .skp file shows the old name.

If I understand the issue correctly, I’ll note that the .skp file’s name is not coupled to spellings used by the entities stored within that .skp file. You as the user is in control of that .skp filename. You can rename it as you see fit, outside of SketchUp.

Hi TDahl, thanks for your comments.

Thats kind of it but Im trying to save a new collection and SU doesn’t recognise that I’ve changed the name of the file within SU. I will end up with a whole load of folders that contain items with the same name that are actually different. I’ve attached a screen grab to try to illustrate here.

The view shows my file explorer window with the component highlighted in blue - and teh same path shown highlighted in blue at the bottom of the component browser. THe name that I have given this part is shown in the mode space highlighted in red and is also highlighted at the top of the components browser in red.
Im sure that I used to be able to create new components and have SU recognise the name that I had given it in SU when I saved a collection. What appears to be happening is that the .skp file is just keeping the old name but showing the updated definition name when viewed in the component browser; its making my filing a nightmare as I just end up with multiple (windows explorer) folders with the same files in - it makes it very hard to manage. I don’t want to have to go back and manually rename them all after I have saved them.

Is there any way (plugin / method) to allow me to save multiple components at a time and have the .skp file use the given definition name? It seems a bit backwards that despite defining the definition name SU still uses the previous name.

Any help much appreciated. I’m leaving work now but will check in again tomorrow.

I wrote a post about this issue on Sketchucation too a while back but never got any answers after SDmich’s post.

In the second post down, SDmitch sent me a great little plugin that allows you to save components so that the file name (.skp file in explorer window) is taken from the definition name (defined in SU).

What I’m looking for is a way to do this with a whole library. At the moment Im using SDmitch’s plugin and saving each part individually which is SERIOUSLY laborious and time consuming! :confounded::rage:



If anyone out there has any suggestions on this I’d love to hear them. I’m trying to avoid having to individually save every item using the SDmitch plugin. When I save a library the names that I have given to the parts in the model are not carried over to the .skp file. Even if I right click and do save as the name it offers is the original definition and no the new one that I have given the part. Is it possible to break the link between the model and the component folder? Even if I make the part unique it still tells me in the components browser that its referenced from the original?

Any help with this very much appreciated.

Many thanks


This plugin looks useful but haven’t tested it very thoroughly yet…

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