Model not replaced with component

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When I convert a model to a component, the component ends up in the Components window. But the model itself is never replaced with the component.

If I delete the model and grab a component from the Components window, I get the result I expected.

Is this the intended behavior?



A component is a .skp, when you open that .skp you have the component open for editing, just like if you double click it after bringing it in from the browser.

Hey Box, I am using Sketchup Pro, sorry for being unclear in the post. I create the component directly in the program window.

Ok, so make sure you have the box at the bottom left, ‘Replace’ ticked.
If that isn’t the issue you need to explain further.

Replace selection with component

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@mihai.s your post is relevant and shouldn’t be deleted, it shows graphically what I said in words.
It is equally valid.

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