Remove options from context menu

I realize this is an easily fixable issue, “uninstall some of your extensions…” but I’m not willing to part with them.

Is there a way to remove options from the right click menu?

My menu is so long it goes off the screen and I have to click a drop down arrow to see the bottom of the list.

No, there is no other way.

As a workaround you can temporary disable extension in Extension Manager or if you have a SketchUcation ExtensionStore installed you can use it for similar purpose.

You need to restart SU to take effect of disabling for most of the extension.


If you use the Sketchucation Extension Store Tool you can either disable extensions and only temporarily install them when you want them…
Screenshot - 4_10_2022 , 11_35_11 AM
…and you can create sets that can be loaded or not as desired.
Screenshot - 4_10_2022 , 11_35_24 AM

You can also make groups of extensions with the tool. (I’ve never done it but so I understand…)

Those are called Sets.

The new search tool should pop up most ‘context’ items,
handy for Windows (native in help menu on Mac)