Old Sketchup versions in right click menu


I am hoping one of you can help figure this one out, as you are likely smarter than me…

I am trying to get rid of the older versions of SU on the right click menu of Windows. In this case I have had SU2013 and 2014 uninstalled for a long time, but they still appear on my Windows right clock menu. (SU2015, SU2016, SU2017 are still installed on this machine.)

Here is an image of my Windows right click menu…


The installer writes these into the registry.
I also noticed on my machine that SU2017’s “Open with” was not removed when uninstalling.

There may be a 3rd party utility “out there” that can remove unwanted entries written by installers.


Once upon a time leftovers of this kind (not from SketchUp) caused the Explorer right-click menu to take very long to open and I was able to remove them with the free Shell Extensions Manager from NirSoft. Like anything that touches the registry, use it at your own peril.



As you may conclude from the previous posts, this is a collision between SU’s policy of allowing all previous versions to remain installed (hence it does not remove anything about them during install of a new version) and Windows failure to automatically clean up these “open with” links when you remove the app. I suppose the “friendly” fix would be if SU provided an uninstaller that removed all traces of a version, not merely the executable code.