Right Click Menus are mostly grayed out

I can no longer lock, group, reverse faces, explode etc by using the right click menus. They are all grey. I realize they are context sensitive depending on the selection set but none of them are available for selection no matter what I choose. I am using SU 2021 Pro. Any help is appreciated.

Is this happening on all models or just certain ones? If the former, can you share an example here so we can test whether we can duplicate the problem?

What version exactly?
[menu] Help > About SketchUp

Sounds like you’re still using an early release of SU2021. Download and install the last release from Download All | SketchUp

Remember to right click on the downloaded installer and choose Run as administrator from the Context menu.

And please update your forum profile. It says you’re using 2019.

SketchUp Pro 2021

Thank you. I focus on this work and unfortunately updating info is the last thing on my mind. Let’s see what happens when I update.


When someone asks you

They are doing so to try to help you and you should be providing the information they ask for.
By following the directions posted you would get a dialog like this and the numbers after 21 are the important bit.


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