Reporting Bug - Right Click Menu Not Working (Can't Explode, Hide, Smooth, etc)

Currently, I can not do anything of the options that appear in the right-click menu in Sketchup 2019.
With the right-click menu, I am shown the options to explode, smooth, hide, lock, unlock, etc, but they are all greyed out and unavailable to me. However, when I use my hot-keys or select from the Edit menu, the options appear available and work properly. I’ll try to attach screenshots shortly.

If you shut down and restart SketchUp do the options return?

Hi Dave,

Well I feel stupid for not trying that first, because yet that worked.

Thank you!


No need to feel stupid. Those options shouldn’t go away in the first place. I’ve seen this once or twice myself and have reported it. Not sure why it does it. At first I thought I wasn’t holding my tongue right. In any case, yours is another report to add.