Issues with latest update (21.1.299)

Since updating my Sketchup Pro license to 21.1.299 I am having all sorts of issues with right click menu items and their associated functions not being available. Standard options like Explode, Make Component, Make Unique, Soften, etc are showing as greyed out. Some commands like Make Component will still work with the shortcut key, other things, like Explode, will not? Is anyone else experiencing these issues?

It is a known issue discussed in these forums before. The developers are working for a fix.


Thanks for letting me know. I read in another thread that it happens after a certain amount of time open, so I restarted sketchup and sure enough it wasn’t greyed out anymore.

Same here… I have to restart SU every 15 mins!!! I just updated to 21.1.299 hoping that this will fix annoying bugs with the Tags. As for the result, the tag bugs are still there, and I have now more bugs. Not happy today… not happy at all!