Most of my options are grayed out when I right-click

It is probably something obvious I am not thinking about but I can suddenly not do anything with my groups from the right click menu. Everything is grayed out except my extension options. I can open the flip menu but everything in there is grayed out. They show as solid groups and are not locked. It is all my groups or components in this file.

What happened?

I’ve been seeing grayed out menu items in the Context menu periodically. There have been a few other reports, too. Shutting down SketchUp and restarting it seems to fix it for awhile but it doesn’t appear to be a permanent fix. Not sure if this is some bug in 2019.3 or what. It is annoying, though.

Joy. Okay thanks.

Any idea if updating fixes the issue or makes it worse?

I don’t know. What’s to update from 2019.3?

I have not updated yet if that is the question. I am just wondering if it is being seen on just the older version since the update went up or on both.

Like I said:

I never saw it prior to 2019.3.

this sounds like an issue with your extension…

what is it?


John, it’s the native context menu items that are grayed out.

they can be disabled in an extension…