Menu items greyed out

hi there,

since the latest update 2019.3 pro sketchup has problems with greyed out menue items…
this is for su native tools as well as for plugins :confused:

restarting su helps fix it… but have not yet found what causes it in the first place…

items that got greyed out are at some point during usage are for example:

reverse face
make unique
ams soften

i have read about it at some point so i hope the devs are aware of it… to make sure, here is my post…

best, franza

Yes. It has been reported and the developers are aware of it. There has been some suggestion that an extension might be the cause however I haven’t figured out which one and since it seems to be new behavior with SU2019.3 it would seem like it isn’t really the extension whichever one it might be.

Glad I read this as was just about to update my Version 19.

So, I’ll guess I’ll leave it a while.


I hadn’t heard about grayed out menu items in SketchUp 2019. But, in activating 2019 you don’t have to uninstall 2018 on that same machine. If there was something interesting in 2019.3 that you wanted to try, but you’re worried about something not working quite right, just keep 2018 around.

Several others have reported it as have I. I see it regularly when SketchUp has been open for awhile.

it use to happen on widows in the past, but I have never heard of it happening on a mac…


I haven’t heard it happening on Mac. The latest reports including mine are from Windows machines.

Here’s an example screen shot of what it looks like.


thanks for the screenshot - thats exactly what it is :upside_down_face:

by the way, if the devs need any hardware specs or logs or anything to takkle down the issue - let me know - i will be happy to supply any needs !


Thank you everyone. Put my mind at ease.

I’m always just so reluctant to do any upgrades on software when my system seems to work ok.


Hi @colin

I’m on 2019 already, but received a notification the other day saying a newer version was available, but I clicked ignore for the time being.

In a side note, I can never find the Downloads Page on the Sketchup Website.


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Thank you @Box

I’ll save that link for future reference.


The note from the other day would be for the 2019.3 version. The downloads page is now giving you that version.

Except once 19 is on your computer any 18 file you double click to open will open in 19 and be converted. It’s hard to “try out” new version while still keeping workflow in the old version because the new version tries to take over. Any way around that?

On the PC you can right click on the .skp file and choose the version. There’s surely a way to do that on Macs.

Same thing is there on Mac.

Save this one also …

It’s always for the latest release. Read this one and you’ll see it has to do with signing in and Catalina support (mostly).

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