Intersect Faces and other Menu Items Greyed Out

Hi Team,

I’ve run into this problem several times now. It’s possible that there’s something wrong with my mouse (Razer Synapse issue) so I’m going to check that now. However I’ve spent the last few days I’ve noticed several commands in my context menu are greyed out. I primarily use hotkeys for some of them but things like “Intersect Faces” is greyed out. I’m attaching a screenshot of what I mean.

Anyone have any advice?



To be specific, it looks like you have everything in the component, including faces selected and you do not see the intersect faces choices as you should.

Yes. I recently just tried to create a component and it’s greyed out as well. The context menu is messed up. I can ctrl+g and make something a group and then when I right click all the options are greyed out

So apparently my SketchUp wasn’t up to date. I download 2019.3 and installed it and everything appears to be working normally. Kinda weird that basic functions quit working?

The “Converting Revit Files” part of your title is a red herring. I’ve seen this issue with native context menu items being grayed out even in 2019.3. There have been other reports of this as well. I don’t think your problem was fixed by updating to 2019.3 although, like chicken soup, it couldn’t hurt. The reason the grayed out menu items thing went away is because you’ve closed SketchUp and restarted it.

Ah. I apologize. I’ll see if I can edit the title. It did come back but is now reverted to the greyed out problem again. Does anyone have a workaround for it?

I see it, too, periodically. So far no fix short of closing SketchUp and restarting it that I’m aware of.

One thing, though, did you install SketchUp correctly by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting Run as administrator?

I wonder if some plugin is causing this.

I did install via the Run as Admin function. I ran into that a couple years ago and have been doing that since. I’m not sure about plugins. I run a gazillion of them so it would be hard to narrow down without reinstalling everything.

Plugin disable: Go to Extension manager and disable them, no need to uninstall.

I disabled all my plugins and saved a fresh file so as to lock it in - opened up an existing file and didn’t run into the issue. However I’ve been trying to enable my extensions again and the LibFredo extension doesn’t show up on my list of viable plugins anymore but other Lib extensions do. I resinstalled it through the SketchUcation extension and it took a really long time.

I’m going to re-enable all the fredo plugins I use and see if they operate normally.

Has anyone else made any progress on this?

Got the same problem today - after a 8 hours session suddenly some menu items grayed out.
I do save and restart sketchup - now after another 4 hours work the problem did not occur again.
I use sketchup make 2017 - my guess could be a windows 10 issue…

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I don’t know about progress but I did pick up a LibFredo update today

I made a change in my contextual menu management in v9.1c , released on 21 Sep 19. I don’t know if it could be the source of the problem, but I remember vaguely a similar problem back in SU7 and SU8.

So I recommend you migrate to LibFredo6 v9.4b, in which I reverted the change.

Thanks to advise if you see a change in the issue

Note for developers: this relates to the creation of new instances of UI::Command objects in a contextual menu handler. These objects are not fully released at API level and after a while they exhaust the system buffer for menus. I think this only happens of Windows.


No Worries Fredo - I uninstalled all the plugins I use because I was getting an error message. I unfortunately didn’t think to screenshot it :man_facepalming:

But after reinstalling everything I didn’t run into the issue in the few hours I was working after the update. I will keep tabs on it today and if I hit that error message again I will be sure to screenshot it and send it over.

Thanks for the input Fredo. It may be that I was getting the same thing and it has cleared up with updating a few days ago.

Not sure this is the solution, because my original change is dated 21 Sep and none signaled the problem until 3 days ago.

It’s only because I have memory of something similar probably 8 years ago (I guess it was signaled to Google at that time, but still is not fixed in SU2019). Just retrieved this old post.

Anyway, good to know if this the source of the problem and therefore if v9.4b is the solution to it.

Not sure if your recent LibFredo6 update made any difference but the problem hasn’t been back in the last day or so. I was actually seeing this several weeks ago.