No Windows 10 right click menu for SU2023

I am attempting to install and upgrade to SU 2023 Pro. The Windows right click menu doesn’t list SU2023 and the “open with” doesn’t list it either.
I still have SU2019 on this machine as i need to keep it to make the transition. The right click menus do shown SU2019.
I’ve tried a fresh reinstall of SU2023 and that did not work.
Can anyone help with this?
Screen shots below…

You’re trying to,open a sketchup file, you must download the installer or find the one you already got, then run as administrator and install it if it’s a version of sketchup you don’t have installed or choose repair if you have already installed it without running the installer as admin.

I’ve already installed and tried to repair as an admin. Didn’t fix it.

Didn’t fix what? You’re trying to open a sketchup model, if you double click on the file it will open the version of sketchup you’ve installed and it could have something on the work space.

I have SU2019 and SU2023 installed on this machine. The "open with SU2019 remains in the windows right click menu. The “open with SU2023” is not an option that shows up on the right click menu.
It should be there! As it has with all other SU installs in the past and installs on other machines.
I need both options on that menu in order to efficiently open multiple SU files.

You have to click on the more apps button, then search sketchup 2023 on the list that will be deployed.

Nope. Not on that list either.

There is an issue that makes windows confused, I can’t remember the specific way to fix it other than removing earlier versions.
@colin Probably knows.

You can use a couple alternative applications to fix it :easy context menu, ShellMenuView , ShellExView , context menu tuner

Try in Windows, go to Settings>apps>default apps>choose default apps by file type.

Thanks for the suggestion, but SU2023 doesn’t show up in that list either. Only SU2019.

Did you install SketchUp by right-clicking on the downloaded folder and selecting “Run As Administrator”? If not do so and choose the repair option.

Yup. tried that already too.
Too many other bugs that I am running into with SU2023. I decided to go to SU2022 instead. So far all good in 22.

I’m not 100% sure but sketchup 2023 not showing on your apps is not a sketchup bug. There must be something wrong with windows.

I would say you issue is ‘related’ to this one. I know there have been issues with missing or double versions since this earlier one.

Another happy SUP 2022 user here. That said, several people have stated they use SU 2023 with zero issues. It’s likely only a minority of users who are having any problems with the latest version. Of course, that’s not much consolation to those who do have problems with 2023, but then they can always revert to a previous version until the fixes and patches are released.

It looks like the OP is the first one with this issue in 2023, or maybe the first one who post this issue on the forum.

Unfortunately, the original problem will make all future versions of SketchUp look like the old version. As I remember it, the last of the older versions you installed is what newer versions of SketchUp will be listed as.

One thing that may help, the icon seems to be correct. We also made the icon be smaller in 2022. So, red icon, it’s 2020 or earlier. Big blue icon, it’s 2021. Smaller blue icon, it’s 2022 or 2023.