Trouble opening v2021 file

I have the latest version of SU Pro v2021. I open the desktop shortcut and create a new file and save to a project folder. When I attempt to open the .skp file in the project folder, I get a message that it was created in a newer version of SU.
If I do a right click on the same file there is no option to open with V2021. I have tried reinstalling and using Admin permission still no luck

I had a similar problem with v2020 and the right click option. Someone had a fix that required downing a patch or .rbz file and that fixed v2020 .

I would love to resolve this so I can open the file from the project folder instead of having to using the desktop shortcut each time first then having to do open file and so on.

When you right-click on the file, don’t look at the Open With submenu. Look at the first entry in the initial contextual menu.

Here is what I see when I right click on the SU file. There is no V2021 available.

Right click contextual
Open With

Sketchup Pro v 2019 logo is the new blue SU logo

this opens v2021 files

Not sure whySketchup open with v2019

What happens if you choose Open from the top of the initial menu?

I get this message

Your file association has apparently remained with SketchUp 2019. You could open the “Choose default program…” dialog from the context menu, navigate to SketchUp 2020 and set that up as the default.

I should clarify that previous message meant to point out when I click the “Open with Sketchup 2019 PRO”

Also, I get this message when I click the bold lettered “Open” at the top
If I click the hightlighted “Sketchup 2019” The file will open with no additional messages

Sketchup open


Setting the default worked. Thanks
I would like to know why me computer doesnt know I have V2021 installed though

The open with menu issue is one that isn’t fully fixed. Normally I would expect to see 2021 mentioned in the initial right-click menu. I will ask colleagues to think about why it’s not listed.