SketchUp 2021 overriding SketchUp 2022

Hello there-
Upon installing/upgrading to SketchUp 2022, I noticed when I open sketchup files they don’t open with 2022, they open with 2021. I deleted 2021 thinking that would solve the problem but instead I would get an error message saying the file could not be found. I even have a drawing I created solely with 2022 that defaults to 2021 each time I open it. Any assistance or advice? I don’t want both programs on my computer, and would like the convenience of being able to open the program automatically when I open a drawing file. Thank you!

In the finder, locate any .skp file. Click on it once to select it, then type command-i simultaneously to bring up the get info window. There you can adjust the “open with” program to be SU22 and push the button to change all box to apply this choice to all files with that extension.

No need to delete 21.

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