Setting SketchUp 2020 as the default application in Windows

There is a known problem, which will be fixed in the next update to the installer, where the Open With menu shows two entries for SketchUp 2019. The second of those is really SketchUp 2020. Same thing if you are in Properties setting the default application for SKP files.


I don’t see Sketchup 2019 two times, I just see “open” and then sketchup 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019…
Both “open” and “sketchup 2019” open with sketchup 2019.
I always have to open sketchup 2020 and then open the file I want to use. Not very productive…

Also, 2020 gives a startup window where you can select the template you want to use, but there’s no “don’t show on startup” checkbox like there used to be in the previous versions? I find it quite annoying to have to select it each time… Will this be fixed too? Or is there another way to disable this window?

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They moved it to the bottom of the General page of the Preferences dialog.



The duplicate 2019 entries will be under Openen met, not in the main popup menu.

Did you install SU using Run as Admin on the Install.exe? If not do so and choose Repair when given the option.

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I repaired it when running as administrator, rebooted my system but that didn’t work. I still don’t see sketchup 2020 in the “open with” menu and files still open in 2019 when double clicking…

Does that mean you found the original, or a newly downloaded, installation .exe and Right clicked on it and chose Run as Administrator, or just that you are the admin of your system so it must have been wrong.

I think what is being seen is another variant of the double listing of 2019 in the open with list. I also do not have a listing for 2020 and a single listing for 2019.

I found the original install file I used last time (it was still in my download folder), right-clicked it and chose “run as administrator”. Then I chose “repair”
Should I have downloaded sketchup again?

No, it sounds like you have done it correctly, it’s just that we have to repeat ourselves so many times when people say ‘I’m the only user and an Admin’ which is not the same as Run as admin.

You won’t see 2020, only one or two 2019 entries, depending on whether you have 2019 installed. If there are two, 2020 is the second one.

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I took a new screenshot: when I choose “openen” it opens with sketchup 2019 and when I choose “open with sketchup 2019” it also opens with 2019.

Everyone we know sees two 2019 entries. It’s on our list of things to fix. Make sure you are looking in the Open With submenu, and not the main popup menu.


You are quite right Colin, my mistake, I have deleted my comment.

I found what you mean, the first one indeed opens with 2020!

Thanks Colin!

Strangely, for me at the moment both of them are 2020.


be aware of the Windows MUICache:

I just uninstalled SU2019, and it’s entry is still there …
on the main context menu and yes, twice on the “Open With…” subcontext menu.

P.S. - I uninstalled SU2019 as it stopped working after I installed SU2020.
(Some misc messagebox would pop up about a missing library or similar.)

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My open with choices:

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