PlugIn Organisation

I am just getting into using Plugins and Extensions. The more of them I download the more toolboxes there are filling up my workspace. Is there some way of locking them to one position on my work page? Or is there a way of hiding them when not in use? If they go into the main toolbar at the top of the screen they all queue up of screen to the left which isn’t really ideal.
I’m sure someone has a good suggestion which solves the cluttered workspace that I am getting.
Also, if I no longer use a plugin or find it was not quite what I wanted how do I remove it?

It has the ability to load+enable / temporarily-load / disable selected plugins [and also with extensions] by using its manager dialog[s].
You can also ‘uninstall’ plugins using it, so they are no longer loaded…
You can also make ‘sets’ to load just those you want…
It also has several helpful tools - including the in-SketchUp ExtensionStore³ dialog allowing automatic installation of hundreds of plugins/extensions, and also auto-update alerts, and the ability to ‘transfer’ collections of your plugins between computers or SketchUp versions using its ‘bundles’ toolset…

Disable extensions inside SU natively. Window > Preferences > Extensions. Temporarily disable plugins by unchecking the box.

If you get extensions from the Extension Warehouse from inside SU, You can manage installed plugins from the Extension Warehouse dialog while logged under your account.

Yeah, thanks for the help there. Ill give that a try. Is there a way,though, to “dock” the tools that I use regularly in some way, to the existing workspace?

Thanks for those tips. Ive sorted that out now. Is there a way though of Docking the toolbars as they seem to float around when the page is minimised or moved to access another window?