Is there a way to add shortcuts to the right click context menu

Is there a way to add shortcuts to the right-click context menu?
And if not, why not.

All the best

To be able to add right-click context menu, you need to be on that context. So If you right click somewhere, you need to see the context menu item for what you want to assign a shortcut. If you see the menu item you will be able to assign a shortcut.

For example, if you want to assign for Divide - to divide the edge to equal pieces - you must have an edge and only one edge selected. Then you can go to Window>Preferences… to assign shortcut.
The assigned shortcut for Divide will only work if your selection fulfil the selection criteria above.

Thanks, Dezmo,
I think I have a handle on it now.
I see the item selected context menu is now also under the Edit menu.

All the best