Can't find Reverse Face Shortcut button... Can't find it!

Does anyone know where the Reverse Face Shortcut button went … I Can’t seem to find it!!!
Thanks !!!

There is no native Reverse Faces button. It’s in the Context menu when you right click on a face or selection of faces. If you want to make a keyboard shortcut, select a face before trying to set the shortcut.

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I don’t know how many times I’ve struggled to find the function I’m looking for in the Shortcut preferences only to realize I didn’t select an entity of the required type. Feel equally stupid every time :stuck_out_tongue: .

You shouldn’t need to remember this trick, it is bad UI design. It should be possible to set the context menu shortcuts without having objects selected.

I always thought it a little odd that you have to be in the correct context to set shortcut keys. I thought I were going mad one time trying to find “flip along”.

Side question, Is there a way to display all of the shortcut keys you have assigned at once?

If you have the Sketchucation extension installed, this gives you a nice tool which you access here:
Extensions->Sketchucation->My Shortcuts…
that lets you see all the shortcuts that you’ve assigned in SketchUp.


One option would be to use Shortcutter from Sketchucation. It makes a nice looking page with shortcuts sorted by menu.


I’ve never thought of this before but you are right! The function list in Shortcut preferences should list all menu entries that are available at any point in SU, not just those that exists at the moment Preferences is opened.

Thanks, both @DaveR and @McGordon, I thought it would be relevant to the topic. As I often forget I’ve assigned some that will save a lot of digging around. :+1:

Hmm, how come mine looks like this:

Clear your IE cache.

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