Suggestion: Shortcuts for Snaps


First of I want to say, that I really like the idea of the new snaps feature. Its use cases are among the ones that I had to find many workarounds for in the past. That being said there is still room for improvement and I am looking forward to the future iterations of this new feature.

One feature that I am already missing very much, and which might be easy to implement, is the ability to assign a keyboard shortcut to the “place/edit snaps” context menu.
Surprisingly, and unlike the other commands in available in the the menu, there seems to be an issue with this specific command. It is assignable through the preferences > shortcuts panel, but (at least in the german version) seems to have an incorrect description. Or as it says “Flyout” (see screenshot) instead of “Faces” maybe it is not the correct command at all. I can only assume that this is a possible cause for this issue.

The key I assign to the command in the shortcuts panel does not have any effect, neither in or out of a group/component, and all I get is the Mac OS error sound.

Would be awsome if this could be fixed in a future update since it would make working with the wonderful snaps that much quicker and easier.
Also if any other users could try and see if it is the same for them, it would be greatly appreciated.

Sketchup Pro Version 23.1.318

Best regards from Berlin

It should go in another topic category, I have moved to the correct one. I hope you don’t mind

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  1. There is a newer version of ( 23.1.340 / 23.1.341) you can download it:
  2. I could not try it right now myself in this specific case (because don’t have SU2023.1 in front of me), but usually to be able to assign shortcut to Context menu item you need to be on that specific context.
    So, Right click on a component and choose Edit Component (Or double click on it) to go to editing component context. Stay there and now open the preferences > shortcuts panel. See if you can find/assign that context menu (whatever it is in German (Make/Edit Snaps >> ~ Schnappschüsse erstellen/bearbeiten ???) )
    The assigned context menu shortcut also will work only and exclusively if you are in a right context.

I checked on SU 23.1.340 in Windows and indeed it is not possible to assign shortcut to Make/Edit Snaps :frowning:

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yeah, I recall someone from SU (Colin perhaps) saying so to a similar request, that it wasn’t YET possible.

Personally I see the Snaps release more as an open Beta state version right now, it’s fine, but could be a bit more. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a few more tweaking in subsequent updates, and further more in 2024. a bit like the symmetry tool that was upgraded on the way.

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perfect thank you!

Feels a lot like it is being tested on us :grin: …which I don’t mind at all. Would be great to be able to turn on experimental features the way you can in blender for example.

Thanks for the insight anyways…I will be waiting …