Make/Edit Snap Feature missing from 23.1.318 on Mac M1

I just upgraded to 23.1 on a M1 Mac and I cannot seem to find the Make/Edit Snap feature that the tutorial videos have been demonstrating. All directions have said to double click to edit a group and then right click to bring up the context menu. They are all showing a “Make/Edit Snap” command. It looks very simple.

However, when I do the same on my system, that option is not showing anywhere. I tried this on an existing file and on a new empty file. I’ve searched the forum but no one else has reported anything similar. Am I missing something here?

Make sure you are right clicking in empty space around the geometry in the component, not on the geometry. I right clicked where the cursor is in the screenshot.

It works for me in a M1 Mac, SketchUp 23.1 and Ventura.

Please update your profile it says you are using SketchUp 2019 with Catalina, . I recommend you to update to Ventura, it works better with M! Mac.

Thank you for the quick replies. I have updated my profile info. I am currently using the latest version of Ventura (13.4.1) on a Mac Studio M1 Ultra. I have tried what was suggested and it is still not showing up.

Have you tried to select a face and right click?

If I don’t select anything I have the same options as you

Right clicking on the face while in the group gives me this menu. If I click on the face and the right click off of the face, the menu goes away.

you should check 13.5.2 then, the latest version :wink:

Hmm, are you sure you’re launching the 23.1 ? What I mean is, you don’t have - intentionally or by accident - two SU installed right now, and launching the old one ? can you confirm you have the new blue icons in your toolbars ?
(depending how you installed it, you might have made a second SU folder in your app folder, but your dock shortcut would still point to the old one)

Can you open this model? It has one snap on each face…
Do you see the snaps?
test.skp (821.1 KB)