Tools not working properly on Mac M1

Hi Is anyone experiencing issues with sketch up 23.1.341 on Mac M1, tools select but then you cannot use them for example I select the line tool then it does not snap to any end point or contrstruction line, and very similar issue with other tools, very frustrating I dont think its me as my son has the same machine/sketch up and he has same issues. Ps do not like the new Icons awful to work with. Sketchup user since 2005

Have you installed a plugin recently? I’m not having this issue on Mac or windows, sketchup hasn’t been updated in a while so it must be something on your and you’re son’s end.

In your profile you wrote you are using Mac OS. This is not enough information for us to help you, which Mac OS? Sketchup 23 is not yet compatible with Sonoma (14).