LO feature request: shortcuts for lock / unlock

Layout 2023 feature request:

Please add lock and unlock to the list of shortcuts. Thanks!

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LayOut seems not to have a copy of the contextual menu, that SketchUp has in its Edit menu. If it had that you would be able to set shortcuts for any of the entries in the current contextual menu.


LayOut doesn’t do a lot of things like SketchUp does. Imagine LO but with the same user interface logic for the core tools… and imagine LO as fast and easy to use as SKP… I’ve been dreaming about it since forever. Maybe someday it will happen…


I hate to be the squeeky wheel. But if that`s what the LO team needs, then lets all write more feature requests.

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What Layout should be is Sketchup with 2D viewports of other sketchup model’s scenes and the ability to better handle linestyles. Or a way to export Sketchup models that are basically 2D views of a 3D model.

That’s it. Layout shouldn’t exist at all.

So, further develop these features:

  • an export mode for Sketchup scenes which results in a 2D sketchup model that can be automatically updated. We then insert this file in a sketchup model and reload it automatically each time it gets updated.
  • the ability to configure linestyles and linewidths, for individual objects in sketchup
  • better multiline texts, better dimensions and dimension styles, better labels system.in SU.
  • A nice export pdf, dwg, raster and print system for scenes that allows us to set what will appear on paper/pages SU.

You can then erase Layout.

We can then be happier. Thanks :slight_smile:

I use some AutoHotKey code to access the lock / unlock in the context menu.

I press F11 once ( it can be any key ) and the object is locked, press F11 again and it’s unlocked.

But yes – we do need to be able to access more Layout commands using shortcuts


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