Please make LayOut more similar to SketchUp

I have some suggestions for LayOut, which can make it easier to use, I think.

  1. Generally: make LayOut more similar to SketchUp. It should works as SketchUp but in 2D. For example Move and Rotate tools works different then in SketchUp which is annoying for new LayOut users. They have to learn new software, becouse in some situations LayOut works completly diffrent then SketchUp.
  2. Add possibility to chose how left mouse button should works. Like in SketchUp: click > move > click or click > drag > release. Right now it is frustrating when I have to keep pressed left button when I’m using eg. the Move tool.
  3. Some of tools should exist and work like in SketchUp:
  • Move tool. It should exist as an icon like in SketchUp. It can help user to move object with reference point which is on the object or away from selected object. Anoter example: I have in scrapbook electrical symbols. When I try to put one of them eg. 50 cm from the wall I can’t do it precisely because Move tool doesn’t show the end/center points on the sliding object.
  • Rotate tool. It should exist as an icon in SketchUp and works as in SketchUp. Right now if I want to rotate object with clockwise I have to use minus value. Why I can’t show in which direction I want to rotate like in SketchUp and enter the value?
  • Copy. Why I have to keep pressed Ctrl button when I want to copy? Why I can’t just press it like in SketchUp? Have you ever tried to copy something vertically or horizontally? You have to keep presssed left mouse button + Ctrl + Shift.
  • Scale tool. It also should exist like an icon in SketchUp.
  1. Measurments. In LayOut should exist Tape measure tool like in SketchUp. This tool should have an option to create auxiliary lines - like in SketchUp.
  2. Dimensions. In most of situations I don’t need the leader lines. Please add possibility in dimensions styles to turn off visibility of these lines.

Yes, I know the tip with white lines or dashed lines with 1000x spacing. But it’s not so easy for the new user who eg. worked on AutoCad.

What you request has been asked numerous times.

I keep hoping it will change, but…

You’ve identified Layout’s main flaw. It is only for SketchUp users yet it works in a completely different way.

It’s really a bad experience to cycle between SketchUp and Layout, to find such different behaviour in drawing tools and Layout’s tools are so annoying and even frustrating sometimes specially if you compare them with SketchUp’s.

Dimensions are good though they could be better and more easily edited in bulk.


I completely agree. Though I have started to use Layout more actively it would be a huge workflow aid if I would use the same drafting approach in both. Having used Sketchup for drawing preliminary or conceptual 2D plans I was amazed how well the 3D tools work in 2D drafting too. So why not use these in Layout? To add another example, I would expect the line tool to act in Layout as in Sketchup so no fill is applied until I draw a closed shape. Regarding accuracy Sketchup is excellent in this but Layout isn’t. I can’t in no way draw as flawlessly and accurately in Layout as in Sketchup so I’m forced to depend on grid snap which can be often obstructing.

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Often (at least for me) having an unclosed line shape that has a fill is useful, otherwise you would need two elements - the unclosed line shape that has no fill and another unlined shape to represent the fill…

And you can turn off fill for a multi segment line



Even so, line tool should behave almost the same, especially with the breaking of edges. It makes no sense to change this fundamental drawing behaviour from Sketchup to Layout.

All the inferences we have in sketchup work very well, but layout is not that swift. Line tool is not as easy.


You would not need two elements, you would simply Hide the undesired lines exactly as in Sketchup.

If I’ve drawn myself a filled polyline or filled polygon in Layout how do I hide an edge?

I don’t know if you can, you would if LO were made more similar to SU as OP is suggesting

What I meant was… as I interpreted it…

how do I hide a segment of a polyline or polygon in LO

It was a rhetorical question :wink: but andrewvellazarb pointed out that it would be possible of course if LO was more like SU…

If it’s only a segment of a filled poly line it’s easy, you break the segment away from the poly using the knife tool, and then delete it. The fill will still be there.

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