Move, Rotate and Scale should behave more like Sketchup

They are meant to be complimentary programs correct???

Below I’ve highlighted some of the problems with the current Layout tools.

Move Tool:
In Sketchup pressing the ctrl or option key once toggles copy mode. In Layout you must hold the key while moving.

As far as I can tell, this makes accurately copying something (entering a distance) impossible in Layout. This is one of the most useful tools in Sketchup and why anyone would abandon it in Layout is beyond me.

Rotate Tool:
This actually seems to work very well in Layout and I can’t see any issues with the tool.

Scale Tool:
In SU, the corner scale handles will scale proportionately while the others allow scalling in one direction. In Layout all the scale handles are proportionately ‘broken’ and you must hold the shift key to scale in proportion.

As far as I can tell this makes scaling proportionately to a set ratio (0.5,1.3, etc) impossible. The problem with this is that often when scaling you are scaling proportionately is EXACTLY the time when you want to scale to fixed ratio!

I hope someone can point out that I am wrong in some way as these seem like rather glaring UX failures. Or perhaps these issues have been fixed quietly in 2014 (I’m using 2013). At any rate these errors can’t be allowed to continue and I hope someone will make these minor but important changes…

(To be honest, I don’t see why Layout doesn’t just use 2D versions of the SU tools and abandon the handle system, but I realise that would be a fairly major change.)

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As far as moving and scaling as you have requested, it is possible to scale and move precisely by first pressing the operating key required i.e ctrl + shift and then dragging the mouse and object or scale handles, then releasing the mouse, followed by typing the precise input: .5 for 50% scale or .5 for .5 inches on the page if moving.

Although I agree it would be nice if almost everything in Layout behaved more like sketchup, the Rotate tool is a constant challenge for me. If I have an object which has non orthogonal lines and wish to rotate it, the handle tool does not allow for a rotation using the snap inference to get that non orthogonal line to be orthogonal (angled to exactly vertical or horizontal) because of the way it behaves and resets to horizontal upon editing an object or adding to a group etc. A fix for this that would still retain the handle tool might be to include a two step process for rotation: move the rotate target to the center of rotation, then move the rotation handle to the point of the object that needs to be aligned with an object outside of the group, after setting these two points, the object could then be rotated precisely without having to measure angles. This would essentially be the same process as using the rotate tool in sketchup.