[REQ] Remove Mouse Dragging from tools... as an option if you must?

I hate all the dragging around. I have a very good PC and still, when LO lags and mouse button releases itself (Maybe it’s a mouse issue) I have to restart what I was doing. I don’t know how many times that happens a day but it’s a lot.

From the selection tool to the move tool and every other tool the mouse button must be pressed and dragged at all times. Why not click, release, click release?

Sketchup allows that, why not Layout?


Since individual clicks are already used for selecting in the Select+Move Tool it can’t be used to start and stop moving too as it is now :confused: . However if they were separate tools, not only would they support click+click move but also box selections when there are entities behind (without accidentally drag them) and move operations with precise start and stop vertices. I miss every day how I can’t grab something in LO and start move it in a specific point and move that point onto another point precisely.

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I agree. The FR should start by the select tool being a basic state tool, independent from all others, again as in Sketchup.

Sketchup has the move+copy tool.

Layout has the select+move+copy+scale+rotate tools all in one single hard to deal with tool.


The solution to most problems in LO: make it more like SU :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


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