Push/Pull tool - laggy?

I’m probably clicking too fast, but it seems to me that one in five times I use the Push-Pull tool I have to undo a small movement before clicking on a surface and do it again.

I think that it may be that that the “mouse down” action of the click is on the face, but the “mouse up” action is off the face because I’ve already started moving in the direction I want to push/pull. The “mouse up” stops the push-pull as if it’s another click… just worked out that it can drag like this with mouse down and this action might actually be a “feature”… Is there any way to turn off the dragging ?

(I like the single click to attach something to the mouse - much better accuracy. This dragging might explain how minor errors and having things slightly out of alignment occur.)

Is it “laggy” if you preselect the path, get Follow Me and click on the profile?

I prefer preselecting the path because you don’t need to see it all when starting Follow Me.

:blush: wrong tool - reading about follow-me - sorry.

Ah… That makes a big difference.

Actually, I’ve seen the lagginess you describe with Push/Pull. I kind of assumed it was due to an observer associated with some extension but haven’t had time to investigate it.