LO Extension wishlist


Since SU 2018 SketchUp has had a Ruby API for LO documents. I have no information on the subject but suspects/hopes a live API is coming some day, so we can use extensions within LayOut. I was thinking we could start a list of what extensions we would like in LayOut. I’ll start!

  • SketchUp like Select, Move and Rotate

  • Tools for assuring stacked viewports have exact matching cameras

  • Selection Toys

  • Streamlined UI for setting viewport scale (just write 1:100 or 1" = 45cm in a text box, no list to search in)

  • Setting scale for isometric drawings (these needs to be slightly scaled up as the axes the scale should apply to are not in the image plane)

  • Scaled Perspectives (scale applies at a custom depth, e.g. the active section cut)

Any other ideas?


1] Components in LO… should be a native capability though… years ago

2] Area measurement, in paperspace or scaled viewports


Item 1 on the agenda for me would be to have tools in LO work more like they do in SU. For example, either better inferencing or at least construction type lines for the purpose. Also, more intuitive dimensioning and more advanced text options, especially tables (which are still very basic). Personally, I would like to be able to set certain defaults for how things work. For example, I would like to disable the ability to modify a window by default but retain the ability to turn it back on again on the very rare occasion that I might need to do so.


After I posted I also got to think of components. You can’t have multiple instances sharing the same definition like in SU; but you could emulate it by having all changes drawn to one instance being duplicated to all the others. No file size reduction but from a user point of view it would be very similar.