About the Feature Requests category


This is the category to use if you would like to suggest any new features of functionality for LayOut.

Edit: To elaborate on this description, this is a place where you can tell us of the need you have, the problem you’re trying to overcome and maybe the tool you think will solve that job. It also gives you the chance to solicit suggestions to overcome the problem you’re running into as it may be a technique that you need more than a single-purpose tool. It’s also possible there is a feature already in existence that does what you need. To that end, please offer a new topic for your feature and describe WHY you need that tool and what it will solve for you. You don’t have to be a feature designer in this case, just someone with a need to be addressed!


I create a very nice architectural layout file and import details from my scrapbook. It saves and prints fine to pdf but when I open it again the scrapbook elements are all blinking and marked rendering but often can’t be done. Occasionally other items disappear but seem to ghosted in place. Is there something I should be doing with scrapbook items to make sure they become part of the final layout file? Thanks, Paul