Features for your consideration

For the record I love SU & LO. Layout is way underrated!

That being said, can we update Layout (LO) with these requests:

  1. Snapping improvements (although moving node is great!).
  2. Sketchup (SU) like inference for drawing lines (LO is subtly different).
  3. Components like SU.
  4. Fillet & Extend like Autocad.
  5. Vector hatches – the ability to change line weights of lines in hatches.
  6. The ability to scale line weights universally inside groups by a single factor.
  7. Add multileader notes.
  8. The ability to set the horizontal length of a note leader’s as standard & to stay when moving.
  9. Editing notes/leaders is not as intuitive as most other things in SU & LO. (To be fair, this is a problem in all software programs I’ve ever used)
  10. Improve printer drivers
  11. Shape/fill/stroke selection refinement in terms of clarity in which you are editing.
  12. File size reduction and/or ease in subdividing drawings into separate files.
  13. The ability to turn on/off auto gluing to the ends of lines.
  14. Flexibility to apply lines (& line-weights) only to selected edges of a fill.
  15. Native Section Cut hatches by material (maybe back-face toggle on/off for material as well) as part of SU but live & editable in LO.
  16. Custom Style folder location does not show in Style within the SketchUp Model Tray in LO.
  17. A cloud/revision line within Layout. Maybe even a Revision management system.
  18. LO plugins.
  19. Paste in Place or paste attach to cursor
  20. When you right click a scene in LO to open in SU, it should open to that scene.
  21. Color by Layer in LO (Similar to Color by Tag in SU)
  22. Layout Warehouse (like SU Model) especially for Scrapbook details.
  23. Browser type navigation inside pattern selection window.

Vector file imports as well.

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This features would be awesome to have.


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