Reversing Faces and Shortcut Key


In older versions of SketchUp, version 8 and before, you could set up a shortcut key to reverse faces. I used this all the time with “R” being the shortcut key. Selecting the rectangle tool is something that is easily done off the toolbar and, for me, not done as often. It appears that there is nothing in the list of possible shortcuts that will now do this. Am I missing something or will I have to just get used to this lack of functionality?

Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.


You can only assign shortcuts if the action is possible at that moment, so select a single face an the reverse face will be in the shortcut list.


See these SketchUp Help articles:

Assigning keyboard shortcuts (Microsoft Windows)
Assigning keyboard shortcuts (Mac OS X)



Thanks! I keep forgetting this little nuance and it’s really frustrating.