Difficulty with shortcuts

I am trying to set up a shortcut for for one of Thomthom’s Selection Toys, namely Select Only Edges. I know exactly how to create shortcuts; this is not the problem. The problem seems to lie in the fact that this command can only be reached through a context menu. No matter what key combination I assign to it, it does not take.

Is there a way to do what I want? By the way, I am on Mac and 2019.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Do you have some geometry selected in the model while you are trying to set the shortcut?

I’m sorry to ask but are you hitting Enter/Return after typing the shortcut?

As @DaveR says, to access any of the items in the ‘context-menu’ you must have something selected that the hoped-for item might apply to…
So for example, to set ‘Reverse Faces’, that only appears in the Preferences > Shortcuts filter if a face is preselected.
So in your case, preselect some geometry and see if the expected tool’s command appears in the Preferences > Shortcuts filter…

Thank you both for your replies. It is working now, although I am not sure what the problem was. The two intended shortcuts had been registered but were not working. I wanted to use opt-E for Select Only Edges and opt-F for Select Only Faces.

Thus I decided to do it all over again. After creating some shapes I selected all of them and tried to create the shortcuts anew. Opt-F worked immediately but there was no way to make opt-E work (no, it was not been used for another tool). In the end I assigned opt-Q to Select Only Edges.

Thanks for your help.