Flip along axis option gone?

I feel like I’m going crazy here… since about 30 minutes ago the flip along axis option in the right-click context menu seems to have vanished in SketchUp for Web. I’ve tried clearing cookies, opening the app in an incognito window and in a different browser and nothing seems to restore the option. Anyone have any tips?

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It is under the toolbar now

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These release notes talk about flip along but not how to use it in Go.

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Do a search for options and assign a shortcut key to it. Flip is still an option that has been renewed to make it clearer as to how it works showing colored planes.


Thank you!! I was tearing out my hair trying to figure this out - I play around with the web app a lot when I’m bored at work and was going nuts trying to figure out why I couldn’t flip things anymore!

While the instructor panel is open, select the Flip tool from the toolbar and follow the instructions in the instructor panel.


Thanks, I saw your post after I had posted. Got it.

Here’s what the Instructor says about flip tool.

It’s also simply Flip … no more “Along”.

Phew! Thanks for this

The new tool makes sense but why take it away from the right-click context menu? Now it’s an extra step to go find the tool. I DO get why they wanted to update it and the tool is much better now… I don’t get why they can’t keep a right-click option that skp users have used for years to get to it. It’s been a while since they changed how copy works. Again I get wanting to make that better but I still can’t manage to copy correctly with it due to years and years of muscle memory being thrown out the window. Progress is good but not by throwing out what already worked. Apple is so good at this keeping it familiar and working the same while upgrading everything.

Just make a keyboard shortcut for it.

sure by why not just keep the right click option to get there where it has been since the beginning

You still need to deal with the gizmo for Flip.