Fabber: The SketchUp>CNC/Laser cutting solution

Hey everyone! I’d like to share with you this extension I made for SketchUp:


This allows you to take your SketchUp models and go right to CNC toolpathing if you’re using Vectric’s CAM software (VCarve/Aspire)

Our extension scans your SketchUp model, automatically flattens it and sends to VCarve/Aspire where we automatically build all of your toolpaths.

Here’s the splashy intro video: https://youtu.be/4uVn6xAzY5w

If you really want to dig into the workflow you can check here: https://forum.getfabber.com/t/welcome-to-fabber-get-started-here/8

Fabber works with any CNC machine that can open SVG files, Vectric’s CAM software, Shaper Origin, and the Glowforge.

We even smooth out all of your arcs and circles for you!

Right now this is a free and open beta. All we ask is that you drop your name and email address into our signup form.


Can Fabber be installed in isolation in Sketchup. (W/O V-Carve/etc.?)
IOW just run Fabber in SU to get the exported SVG?

In my case I ask for potential use in Sheetcam TNG (Plasma CNC)


Other topic on similar subject:

You don’t need VCarve to use the plugin. What you’ll get out of it is an SVG file that you can use anywhere SVGs can be used.

We have a settings dialog box where you can pick the DPI for your SVG. There are some standard options, and custom as well. The standard likely will work fine, but if you have some weird edge case where your SVG isn’t scaled right, you can just put in whatever DPI you’d like.

Ok…thank you…I’ll have to give it a try.


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I wish I had a CNC machine or access to one. This sounds like a great solution. Best of luck on the Beta and beyond!

Thanks so much!!

Followed link…filled out singnup form…no response…yet. (~24 hrs ago.)
I assume the signup for Beta was the proper route? (& Not Contact)


Register on the Fabber forum and you be emailed a download link.

Thanks Box


Did you get your invitation yet?

@ericschimel, I enjoyed your 3D Basecamp presentation. I’ve now gone and registered at your website and forum.

I’m new to CNC. As I mentioned, the makerspace I belong to, Makehaven, has a Gerber 4x8 and a smaller machine, Shapeoko.

Going over my overly brief notes: Aspire is Windows only? Your SU Plugin isn’t Windows only, is it? I’m on a Mac. I do have Parallels. All the machines in the makerspace are Windows.

Edit: Found the Mac version and installation instructions OK.

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Hey sorry for not responding earlier… I must have missed this notification. But yes, Fabber works on Mac. Our plugin essentially exports a perfect SVG out of SketchUp that’s readable by any program that can open an SVG. If you open our SVG with Aspire/VCarve you can run our “Gadget” on it and it’ll build all of your toolpaths.

So if you’re a user that uses a Mac to design, but a Windows PC for Aspire/VCarve you’ll be fine, or if you just want the SVG to use in something else, you’re also fine.

Yet another subscription only?! Thanks, but no! I’m oversubscribed already!

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Right now we have a “one size fits all” subscription, which works for most of the people most of the time… We’re looking at other ways to deliver our software. @SketchWood what’s your use case? Are you a hobbyist, or are you doing production work? What are you making?

We’ve been thinking about different purchasing options for education, hobbyists, pro users, and even different project types…

No need to overcomplicated ! Just old simple purchase + whatever subscription plans You may desire. But to have ONLY subscription as a choice - is that really a choice - to subscribe or not to subscribe?! Now a have money and wish to buy something, but next month I may need to use it, but don’t have money to subscribe?! In my life nothing is so sure to guarantee steady, regular income for endless subscriptions!

We’re certainly not trying to overcomplicate things… Let me ask you this: What type of CNC do you have and what kind of projects are you doing?

Not Fabber related, but a nice example for planning for CNC with SketchUp:

I’ve seen Jay’s channel, he always goes from SketchUp>CNC. That’s one heck of a build!

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This is a great! Look forward giving it a test run!

I actually just tried Jay’s model in Fabber, it worked!

That’s a LOT of plywood!