Automatic Transformation of a 3D Model (only boards) into a 2D Template for a Lasercutter

I have a simple 3D model - only boards - please see my example file.

My wish is to find a way to automatically (that is important) transform such type of a 3D model into a 2D template for a lasercutter.


1 Nest the objects on a given size of an area. Example 390mm x 390mm (some lasercutter services offer fix sizes of boards like that). With a minimum of scrap.

2 Minimize the lenght of the cutting line. What does that mean? If the lasercutter has a kerf of 0,2mm the objects has to be placed next to each other with exactly that gap.

I hope it is clear, what I mean. If not please ask me. Sorry for my poor English.

Thanks for your help.

temperaturregler-gehaeuse.skp (62.7 KB)

Check Fabber:

Thanks for the hint to Fabber. Looks quite interesting.

The price model of a monthly subscription of about $10 is for me, who would use it only sometimes a year for private projects, to high.

But may be there will be other price models in the future.

Are there alternative methods for the transformation I asked for in my first posting?

Milling tool by thomThom can help to do the job for free. But not as well as you ask.

Thanks for the hint. I installed “Milling Tool” and tried to find out how to generate a 2D-Plan out of 3D-modell.

I didn’t find a way to “extract” all parts of a 3D modell in one single step. And I didn’t find a way to enter a kerf. It seems there’s no documentation of the extension.

May be there’s another extension for users of lasercutters. I only know that there’s a big maker community out there. My task is a basic one, so I hope that there’s a way to solve it.

If not via an extension may be with a standalone transformation tool?

I get new informations from the provider of laser cutting.

He asks me not to place parts directly next to each other with a kerf in the width of the lasercut. I should place them with a distance of 2-5mm next to each other.

In other words:
The task “minimizing the length of the cut” is dropped.

So, if anyone has an idea, which affordable software tool could transform a sketchup model automatically (that is important, I don’t want to manually click all the faces) to a 2D lassercutting template:

I would appreciate hints a lot.

Meanwhile I checked the extension “flattery”, but it offers no automatic.
Further I checked ‘Unwrap and Flatten Faces’.

But it is made for paper origigami.