How to flatten volumes to get 2D items?


I’m new to sketchup, I usually draw my pieces flat on Inkscape to get them laser cut but I often do mistakes in measurements.

I thought I could create my model in 3D using sketchup (pieces would be, say 2mm wide like the target material), and once I see everything assembles correctly I could just put them flat and get the 2D view to cut them into the material.

For instance, I would like to go from the left part (3D model) to the right part (volumes flattened) of this picture:

Is there an automated process to get there?

Thanks a lot!


I would try doing the model in 3D using components and then moving and rotating copies of these components to get them laying flat on the ground plane. A bit like it is shown in the image you are showing.

Once that is done, create a Scene with the 3D model showing as you want it (rename it as 3D, for example) and then another Scene using Top View and Parallel projection (rename it as Plan View, for example).

Now, you can go back to the 3D view with a click on the proper Scene Tab and edit as you wish. Then when you are ready to print a template click on the Plan View scene tab and then print it.

Mihai was faster than me on this one.

Use the OpenCutList extension.

It has a nesting function and supports many languages.