Flatten a 3D shell

I am a beginner to sketchup and want to try to flatten or unfold the shell attached. I will putting a design on the flat surface produced and then wrap it around the 3D shape. The material to cut out in a flat plane will be wood veneer which has some flexibility to fold/bendoutside surface.skp (147.4 KB)

• SketchUp Extension Warehouse : Unwrap and Flatten Faces (Installation: “Window > Extension Warehouse…”)
• SketchUcation : Flattery Papercraft Tools (Installation: “Window > Extension Manager…”)

I would use the Flattery extension to unfold the shape. It’s available from Sketchucation.

Thanks i’ll look into it

I took a corner as an isolated section and flattened that. The rest of the model is flat or simple curve surfaces so its easycorner cut out.skp (113.4 KB)

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