Plot 3d curves on a 2d plane

Hi, and sorry for poor english.
I am a brand new user and I am using sketchUp to draw a sailboat plan.
This boat is made by plywood panels, cutted and curved to give the boat the right form.
I drow a 3D model with sketchUp, but now I need to plot every single panel on a 2D
plane (so NOT a simple orthogonal projection), to quote the right dimensions and cut the wood.
To be clear:

A is what I get from my SketchUp projec, B is an exemple of the project I need to procede
The question is: can I plot 3d curves (plywood panels, already separated as components) on a 2d drawing?

You can use the Unfold Plugin to unfold the model and lay it flat.
It helps to turn on Hidden Geometry … View > Hidden Geometry

Unfold by Jim Foltz

After unfolding it’s fairly easy to move everything flat onto ground plane.
• Draw a rectangle on the ground plane.
• Select all the unfolded stuff you have floating around in space.
• Click … Plugins > Unfold
• Click on the face of the rectangle you drew on the ground plane.
With everything flat on the ground plane, you can easily rotate and move the parts into final formation.

Or you can try a similar plugin, Unwrap and Flatten Faces by Alex Schreyer
Unwrap and Flatten Faces — Extension Warehouse

Thank you. Unfold by Foltz is no longer available for download, but the other plugin seems to be what I need :wink:


I have the same problem.

I want to make a floorplan of the roof of a building.

The unwrap and flatten faces extension is not working well or I don’t know what I’m doing.

Isn’t there a tool that flattens the whole 3D structure to a flat 2D outline?
It would also be easy that the extension automaticaly draws the dimensions of the floorplan.