3D line drawing onto a 2D plane

Hi there,
A difficult issue to explain, but what I’m trying to achieve here is to take a shape, which is not a perfect 2D vector drawing and ‘clean it up’ so that it is a 2D drawing. I’ve attached the file which includes my efforts so far; I attempted to use the follow me tool to trace a rectangle around the path and then intersect it with a flat surface, delete the excess geometry, etc. However, the result was not perfect as it appears that not all the lines are on the surface, as I cannot select all of it with a triple click (tried intersecting it all to fix this but no luck).
Hopefully, that makes sense!
Any help is very much appreciated,

Help.skp (92.5 KB)

How about simply using TIG’s Flatten to Plane script…or something similar?

I’ll give that a try thankyou!

that doesnt seem to be a free tool as it requires me to pay for a membership? Could you please direct me to something similar?

There is no requirement to pay for membership to Sketchucation. Scroll down a bit on the page.

Sketchucation, like other forums, doesn’t run on air. They’d like to have members join at the Premium level to help defray the costs of operation. There are a number of perks for being a premium member but you can join without paying.

got it thanks! sorry about that

Yes, that had me a little confused. Most basic scripts are free,although I think Flatten.rb at Smustard is around $10.
Anyhow, here’s the original line flattened. You can test that it’s planar by joining up the gaps to see if it fills-in (which it does).
Help.skp (58.4 KB)

Oops! Hit the wrong reply button. Sorry about that Dave.

thanks for your help! much appreciated