Creating 2D drawings


HI Guys

this might sound like a silly question and i hope it is an easy thing to solve.

So i created a model in SU and now i want to create a flat ‘cutting’ plan (this is for a timber item)

is there a simple way to automatically create the flat 2d drawings from a SU model ??



You can get cross-sections of your models using the ‘Section Plane’ Tool.

Here’s a sample of what’s possible…


Hi Adrian, Just go to Camera>standard views and this will give you the correct view to print.



You can print orthogonal views of the model to scale using SketchUp’s native print function.
Printing to Scale — SketchUp Sage Tutorials

SketchUp Pro includes the LayOut application which provides professionals with more advanced print options.



We created a plugin to create 2d drawings from you SketchUp models. Take a look at Skalp for SketchUp (